New Lone Star chapter added

Working on several projects at once has its advantages and disadvantages.  At my previous employers, I’d be asked to split my time between projects in chaotic ways, so I guess I’m a little used to it.  And while it’d be nice to focus on one writing project until it is complete, I prefer taking a break from one project and switching to another.  Even if its just for mundane self-editing tasks.  So, while I’ve been getting the sequel for The Turned ready to publish, I’m also working on Lone Star in the background.  The difference is that Lone Star doesn’t even have a finished first draft yet, whereas the Turned sequel has been more or less laid out.

Later this weekend I hope to be able to get another chapter of the Turned sequel up, but for now, go have a look at the 9th chapter of Lone Star.  The setup-stuff is more or less in place, so the action can start… enjoy!



2 Responses to “New Lone Star chapter added”

  1. Are you able to fold the white load in between edits?

  2. Yes, but it required growing an extra pair of arms. Also installing an extra power outlet near the laundry machines for us to plug in the laptop. Wasn’t worth the hassle, but whites are folded and updates are getting posted.

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