The Child Thief – by Brom

So imagine a teenage boy named Nick, on the run from the drug-dealers that rent out rooms in his mother’s and grandmother’s house, trying to get to the subway via Prospect Park.  Three of the errand-boys of the gang catch him, call the ringleader, and proceed to humiliate and beat up Nick while they wait.  And just when he’s sure he is done for, another teenage boy approaches.  Dressed in leather pants with attached boots and a leather jacket, with golden eyes and pointed ears peeking through his hair, the newcomer rescues Nick- and in the process, kills one of his tormentors with the longest knife Nick has ever seen.

This is how Brom introduces Peter, the hero/anti-hero of The Child Thief.  If your memory of Peter Pan relies heavily on Disney movies, this book will turn that mental imagery into a nightmare.

Many people I know remember Brom’s artwork- I particularly remember his work on the Dungeons and Dragons “Dark Sun” stuff.  He has created beautiful and terrible sketches and paintings, and has lately turned the written word into another tool to amaze and horrify us.  He has dug deeper than the cartoon movies, bringing old Irish and Celt mythology together with the original Peter Pan stories (which weren’t all that gentle, either) and created a kidnapper that you will find yourself cheering for, and a land he is fighting for that will make you weep as you watch it wither.

He has a handful of other novels- my wife is starting on “The Plucker”, which looks to me like equal parts “Toy Story”, “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Saw”.  Brom has easily earned a place in my Required Reading list.



2 Responses to “The Child Thief – by Brom”

  1. Wow I am honestly the only reply to your great article?!

    • Most people who come by to read just read, and don’t comment. I’m glad you liked the review- and by the way, I’ve finished Brom’s book Plucker, and it too is excellent.

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