I need your opinions! Should I post preliminary stuff?

Greetings all!  I’ve been working on a third book for The Turned series, this one titled The Immune. I guess I like naming the books after the group that causes the most trouble.  Anyways, I’ve got a lot of ideas for things that could happen.  Once I get a good idea for the Big, Horrible Thing that happens at the end, things will go rather quickly. I’ve got the first draft of one chapter done already… and if I had to pick a word to describe it, there’s only one… Messy.

Anyways, I haven’t even started posting chapters of a story that I hadn’t at least gotten through First Draft completion. I don’t mind going back through and revising things I’ve posted here, but I don’t want to have to make huge changes if I can avoid it.

So, shall I post snippets of what I’m writing before the first draft is roughed out? Or would you guys rather wait? Vote in the comments. And yes, I know that those of you who would rather I waited could simply not read the teasers, but if the greater share of you say “wait until it’s done”, then I’ll wait.

Let me know!



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