Next writing project… back to the world of The Turned!

Greetings all! I know it seems like I’ve been focused on Assault on Lone Star for a long time… truth is, I had that thing almost finished by the time I started posting chapters of it. And I’ve been taking my time posting it in the feeble attempt at buying time while I worked on new stories. There are two in the works- one is an unrelated modern fantasy thing sort-of inspired by the book The Child Thief, and the other is the third book in in The Turned series, “The Immune”. I have a lot of plot-line work ahead on The Immune, so you’ll most likely see the fantasy story – tentatively titled “Firefly War Magic” – in the meantime.  BUT… I have a couple of teaser chapters almost ready to show you guys, so keep your eyes peeled.  Lots of stuff has to happen in The Immune… Dana Carterson will devise a most terrifying way to let The Turned into a village, Symon and Alexia will have a reckoning, and I believe Jameson will find love.

We’ll see. It may take a while to get it the way I want it, but truth be told, I’m not in a rush. You guys aren’t going to see it until I’m sure it’s at least as good as the first two books.

Anyway, look out for the teasers, and thanks again for reading!



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