After a long break… Chapter 4 of The Immune is up!


Wow, what a time.  Christmas was hectic as always, made more so by a busy spike for the small business I’m getting started.  January and most of February were more or less dominated by work – anyone who has started a business can relate – and with the protests in Madison over the past two weeks, life has advanced to the next stage beyond “total chaos”!

But amidst all this, I have been writing.  And here’s the next little bite:

In this chapter, we return to Carter’s Hill – which is only a few steps short of anarchy. Joshua Carterson is doing his best to guide the city into a democracy, but too many people are too used to being down-trodden to do anything but survive – or fight back against any authority of any kind.  And Ilyana returns to her friends, bearing the most interesting of news…




One Response to “After a long break… Chapter 4 of The Immune is up!”

  1. kase.Happy new year. Its always a great pleasure coming back to get a dosage of this awesome piece of writing. Never seem to get enough!

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