The first draft of The Immune is complete!

After just over four years of work, the trilogy of The Turned is nearly realized.  It may only be the first draft, and I’ve got a lot of little things to iron out, but major points of the story are now solid.  A few tweaks here and there – mostly just refining speech mannerisms (right now everyone in the story chooses the same words I would) – and it’ll be ready for publishing! It’s been a long road, a lot of thought and typing.  Having the end in sight is cause for a little celebration!

I’ll try to keep to my weekly update schedule, so theoretically within 6 weeks the completed version will be fully posted.  There will be 20 chapters in all.

Please spread the word any way you can – emails, Facebook, face-to-face – and let everyone you know that enjoys zombie fiction about The Turned.  I never planned to make money off it, or get it published in a dead-tree version. I just want people to enjoy it. Thanks again for reading!



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