A new tale begins – Traitor’s Hilt

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Greetings! Time to being a new project. This is a story I’d written one draft of several years ago. Now that I’ve had some more practice at writing, I’m revisiting the story.  There are a handful of excellent story elements in here, and hopefully my writing skill can do better justice to the ideas I have.

Traitor’s Hilt is a medieval fantasy tale, set in a world of my own creation. Fans of Dungeons & Dragons, Everquest, and World of Warcraft will find many familiar elements, but there are a lot of things I’ve built myself, and not everything you recognize will be the way you remember it.

The Prelude introduces Tsaria, a young dark elf who is undergoing her training as a Shadowknight. The second introduces two friends from the long-ended wars; an old Paladin named Gridnor, one of the highest rank of his order, and a master smith, Kridayan, who was once famous for crafting the enchanted swords the Paladins had used in the wars.



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The last chapter!

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The trilogy of The Turned is now complete. It has been a long, gory road, but I’m glad you followed me as far as you did. It was an incredible journey for me personally as well as artistically.  This is about all I have to say about zombies, but I have a handful of other writing projects that will be posted here very soon, so keep checking back! I plan to have at least one chapter of the next book published here within a few weeks.


In this chapter, the city of Carter’s Hill deals out justice to Dana and Symon. Simply killing them would have been far too easy.


Chapter 19 of The Immune is posted!

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Sorry for the long break – had a busy couple of weeks! And after the last chapter, well, I figured you guys could use some time to recover. No? All right, then, on we go!

In this chapter, Jameson has followed Dana as she tries to escape from Carter’s Hill.  She had planned the attack in detail, and had a plan in place if she was followed…



The Immune – Chapter 18 is posted

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Greetings!  In this chapter, Cheszalt confronts Alexia with the truth of her actions. Alexia’s response is horror, and her actions… well, this may be the messiest thing I’ve yet written.




Chapter 17 of The Immune is up!

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Greetings! Thanks again for reading, and especially for the comments! Keep ’em coming!

In this chapter, Dana executes her attack on Carter’s Hill. Her strategy is insidious, and it is only stopped from infecting the entire city by… Xeren? This is one of the two scenes that spurred me to write a third book, and I’ve been looking forward to this post for a long time. The next chapter will reveal the other scene… stay tuned!




The Immune reaches Chapter 16!

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Greetings again! In this chapter, the Order’s experiment with Alexia’s blood doesn’t seem to be going well. And Svetlana discovers the plan in store for Dana’s attack on Carter’s Hill.




The Immune – Chapter 15 is posted!

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Greetings again! We’re closing in on the end… things will move pretty fast from here out.  In this chapter, Svetlana shares her terrible discovery with her friends in Silverlake, spurring them into action. And when the Von Allen sisters arrive in Carter’s Hill, they share a handful of secrets – including one that will change Xeren’s life forever.