The World of Rifts

Many years ago, my friends and I played table-top RPGs of many flavors; Dungeons and Dragons was the first, but later on we discovered a small publishing company called Palladium Books, and they had developed a game around the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics.  Not the happy, Barney-style wimps we saw in the cartoons and the movies, but darker, angrier, and much more entertaining.  More like the old Batman comics than the old Batman TV series.  Not long after, the folks at Palladium Books came out with another game-world series they called Rifts®.  I fell in love with this world almost immediately.

It describes an Earth transformed, wracked not only by the wars humanity visited on itself but the living, psychic energy released by several million people dying within so short a time.  The energy of the Earth itself was not only interrupted, but strengthened, corrupted, and unleashed upon its surface.  And it only got worse- this living energy opened portals, Rifts, to other worlds, and through these rifts came unspeakable horrors.  Those humans who had survived the cataclysm found themselves the prey of creatures they’d never heard of, and some that had only been whispered of in fairy tales.

From the standpoint of a RPG gamer, this world offers unlimited possibilities.  I mean, in Dungeons and Dragons you could do whatever you wanted, yes, but the Game Master still had to have a plausible storyline to justify what was happening.  In the Rifts® world, a 60-year-old ShaoLin monk could find himself Rifted into this new world, bitten by a vampire, and turned into one of the more lethal killing machines ever dreamt of.  The next day, he could find himself attacked by a 50-foot-tall combat robot, and the day after that, a hatchling dragon may decide to burn him with its breath.

The people at Palladium Books gave many ideas for adventures, and several of their ideas sparked a storyline that has been brewing in my mind for years.  I’m currently working on the first draft of the story, and once I’ve gotten through this first pass, I’ll begin posting the chapters.  To star with,there is a short story based on this world named Eagle Flight 717.  It’ll give you a little insight into how I see the Rifts® world, anyways.  As always, feedback is welcomed, whether it be good or bad.


UPDATE: Alex over at Palladium took the time to have a look at my site, and has advised me on how to keep my writing and posting legal.  While I have created the individual characters and all aspects of the storyline, I rely heavily on Palladium’s copyrighted and trademarked material for descriptions and settings.  Almost all of the cities I mention- Tolkeen, Lazlo, Lone Star, Chi-Town, and many others- are the property of Palladium Books and Kevin Siembieda.  So is the bulk of weapons technology and a good deal of the creatures- the mutant canines in particular.  I have been getting a lot of mileage out of my copies of Rifts Lone Star® and Rifts Coalition War Campaign®.  I am using these ideas with permission.  I am NOT quoting or copying any of their copyrighted text- all the actual writing is my own.  So, per their request, I’m going to try to put the trademark notices here.

Rifts®, Rifts Lone Star®, and Rifts Coalition War Campaign® are all Registered Trademarks owned and licensed by Palladium Books, Inc. and Kevin Siembieda.

This notice may change and mutate as the need arises.

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