Assault on Lone Star

What follows is my quick summary of ideas and creations of Palladium Books.  It is meant for people who haven’t played in the Rifts world- those who have will find this briefing tiresome.  I have created a story that lives in this world, and while the story is my own, the Rifts world is the creation of other people.  The individual characters are mine, but many of the places and technologies are the work of others.  At times it will be hard to tell which parts are which.

In the Rifts world, the biggest remaining government on the North American continent calls itself the Coalition States.  Based outside the ruins of Chicago, their capitol is called Chi-Town, and they have several large cities scattered around the continent.  The outlying CS territories have varying levels of technology, but inside the large cities the tech level is very high.  Nowhere is this more true than in Lone Star.

Originally, the area that had been Texas had been considered a no-man’s land that would be too costly to try to make into a new Coalition State.  Then an underground bunker was discovered there, and within a week a huge occupying military force was stationed there.  This lab became the heart of Lone Star, and what the CS scientists found there would give them a technological advantage over most of their adversaries.  They now had the capacity for far greater manufacturing of war machines, more powerful weapon systems, and possibly the greatest of all their finds, the technology and materials required to grow mutant canines, the ‘Dog Boys’ that would boost their armed forces.

As the Coalition prepared an all-out assault on one of their principal rivals, the magic-favoring city-state of Tolkeen (somewhere in the area of old Minnesota), the Coalition relied more and more heavily on these Dog Boys, and on their birthing and training facility at Lone Star.  There were concerns about the experiments going on in the lower laboratories, the more heavily classified research areas, but these were quieted by the upper leadership back at Chi-town.  And as the coming war approached, those the CS sought to destroy became more desperate- desperate enough to direct an attack at the lab complex itself.

This story speaks of the Assault on Lone Star from four perspectives.  Each of these plays an important part in why this assault came to be, and why it was considered a success even if it did not blunt the CS’s siege and destruction of Tolkeen.  Each chapter cycles from one perspective to another, as the four individual stories converge upon each other.

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