Lone Star – Chapter 40

Jonas’s eyes opened slowly. The light in the room hurt for a moment, and he squinted. It was a long moment before his eyes adjusted, and he turned his head from side to side. There was a stiffness in his neck that badly wanted movement to drive it out. He didn’t quite have enough range of motion to release it, but the slow turning motion felt good. He opened his eyes again, this time able to see without squinting. The lights in the ceiling were still powerfully bright.

“Jonas,” a voice called. He couldn’t lift his head to look for the source, and while the voice was familiar, he couldn’t identify it. He tried to move his hands, and while he thought his muscles were responding, something still held his hands tightly to his sides. His feet felt fine as well, but similarly secured.

A hand came to rest on his right bicep. It patted him twice. “Just a few more moments, Jonas.”

Everything was so fuzzy. His vision seemed clear, but there wasn’t all that much to look at. His memory was starting to clear, but he still wasn’t sure where he was. He turned his head to the right again, but all he could see was the metal side panel of some kind of machine. To the left, the same thing.

He wasn’t completely aware of what he was lying on until it began to move. It was a bed, he thought, but the padding was different, and of course, he was secured to it. He felt the restraints at his wrists and ankles, and another one at his waist. The whole assembly was tilting now, moving his feet downward and his head upward. He closed his eyes and sighed, and didn’t open his eyes until the table stopped moving again. He lay at a steep angle now, his bare feet resting on the metal step-panels below them. He could feel the diamond-plate pattern on the pads of his feet.

When he opened his eyes, he instantly knew where he was. Well, not precisely where. It couldn’t be Tau block – he knew that whole lab block had been destroyed, and was just getting cleaned out. It would take weeks before it was operational.

Operational. For some reason, that word stuck in his mind. Perhaps it was just the operation part. There were 6 scientists in the room with him, dressed in their lab-coats and hovering over machines and computer monitors. Only one was looking at him, and it was Dr. Culler. Her hand was still resting on his bicep.

Her hand was much smaller than it should have been. She’d always been short, but Jonas guessed his table must be a half-meter off the floor, judging by her height. Then his eyes found the faceplate of the soldier standing at the door. They wore standard dead-boy armor, with a Sergeant’s insignia, and… and they were also very short.

He looked down at his arm, where Dr. Culler’s hand rested on it. He’d been in decent physical shape before, but her hand looked dwarfed by his arm now. The muscles bulged under his skin, even at rest, and the skin was several shades darker than it should have been.

Dr. Culler released the wrist restraints on her side, and another scientist came over to release his other hand. He held his hands up near his face, looking closely at them.

“Think you can stand without the cuffs?” Dr. Culler asked. Jonas nodded. She pressed another button on her personal communication unit- which looked like a toy, even in her child-size hands- and his ankles were freed. He lay against the steep angle of the table, looking down at his arm and his hand. He turned the fist over, opening and closing his fingers. The soldier at the door had their face hidden, but he could tell by their posture that they were nervous. They held their CP-40 tightly, pointed at the ceiling but still at the ready. Jonas knew the routine- it was an overwatch duty. He’d just never been on the receiving end of that sort of attention before.

“How do you feel?” Dr. Culler asked, quietly.

Jonas looked at her, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. Then he took another. He looked down at Dr. Culler for a long moment before answering her.

“You told me it was going to hurt.”

3 Responses to “Lone Star – Chapter 40”

  1. Oh! How I wish the story line would continue. D scenes, the arrangement, the intrigue, the action, oh please it should end now, or maybe its sequel is coming up soon. Cos Jonas has just turned a mutant and some guards taking his former position. Just can’t wait….

  2. Thanks alot the triller. Still expect the sequel since Jonas has been mutated, the story has to continue

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